Today is Giving Tuesday

Nov 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

Thank you for your continued support of The Jan Broberg Foundation. Your generosity and kindness makes a difference in the lives of adults and children who have been sexually abused.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, our donation goals are to cultivate healing through our online community, educate for prevention, and change public policy. Today we invite you to join us in making a difference!

At The Jan Broberg Foundation:

  • We offer a range of services such as online support groups, therapeutic practices, and special events to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse heal and thrive.
  • We work to raise awareness about the prevalence and consequences of childhood sexual abuse and how each person can help prevent abuse from happening.
  • And we advocate for policy change and legislation that offers protection and resources to survivors and holds perpetrators accountable.

Your donation today will help us reach our goals to provide vital services for survivors now and create a safer world for future generations to come. You can make a secure online donation on our Your donation is tax deductible.

We are grateful for your partnership in fulfilling our mission. Together, we can make a difference and make the world a better place.