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At the Jan Broberg Foundation, we create a community where people can find healing and resources to prevent further abuse. Have you or a loved one experienced Child Sex Abuse? We’re here to help you thrive through healing, which we call “Thriving.”


I Am A Thrivivor

Join our community of Thrivivors. We are built to help victims, families, and loved ones find healing through community. Get access to fireside chats with Jan, content from community experts, a supportive community, group discussions, and more!


You Can Heal

We provide resources so you can find healing after abuse. Our blog has expert advice, tools, and recommendations for friends, family, and victims. Our weekly podcast has expert guests, victim stories, and insights on how you can heal. Find help today!


End Child Sex Abuse

Most child sex abuse isn’t perpetrated by the stranger in the dark van; it’s by friends, neighbors, and family members. It’s up to parents and other youth leaders to stop it. Learn the signs of child sex abuse, recognize potential abusers, and protect children from abuse.

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