Unveiling the Tactics of Sexual Predators: How Isolation Works

Protecting our children and young adults from sexual predators should be a top priority because this type of abuse leaves devastating lifelong effects. Understanding the grooming process is crucial in this effort. In this article, we’ll explore how sexual predators isolate children and why it’s imperative to recognize and address how it is a key tactic that predators use to manipulate and exploit the vulnerable.

Grooming Tactics:

Grooming is a calculated process that we break down into Six Stages where predators gradually gain a child’s trust to exploit them sexually. Isolation involves manipulating the child’s relationships to exert control without interference. 

Subtle Manipulation:

Predators exploit the natural human desire for love, attention, and validation, which gradually isolates them from their support network of safe people. They build false trust, portraying themselves as the best, or only, caring friend or mentor.

Exclusive Bonds:

Predators create exclusive bonds with children, making them feel special and valued. This bond blurs boundaries, making the child reliant on the predator for emotional fulfillment. At some point, the predator convinces the child that others are not looking out for them as well as the predator.

Exploiting Vulnerabilities:

Predators target children facing neglect or emotional turmoil, exploiting their vulnerabilities to isolate them further. Beware, though, that not every target is necessarily in need of this extra attention.  Anyone can fall victim to the charm of a predator.


Understanding how sexual predators isolate children and young adults is essential for protecting them from harm which lasts a lifetime. By recognizing the signs of isolation and intervening early, we can safeguard our youth from exploitation and create safer communities. The Jan Broberg Foundation is doing vital work in this fight, helping raise awareness through education and supporting adult survivors in the Thrivivors online community.


Let’s come together to shield our children from the dangers of child sexual predators, arming ourselves with knowledge and compassion. Learn about all Six Stages in our blog and sign up for newsletter updates.