Understanding Child Grooming: Exploiting Vulnerabilities

In the troubling world of sexual predators grooming children and teens, predators follow a sinister playbook with each stage designed to trap their victims. During Stage Three, the predator slyly spots and uses the child’s needs or desires to their advantage. They pretend to be the only one who gets the targeted victim, filling any need. They act like a friend to gain the child’s trust and making them feel special.

Every predator plays on the child’s kindness and desire for connection. By filling needs of any kind, the victim feels dependent on the predator. The predator acts like a buddy, but it’s all a disguise to keep control.

This stage is a slow, twisted game of manipulation where the predator pulls strings to keep the child and those who would otherwise be suspicious under their spell. Predators thrive on the vulnerability they’ve created, using it to get what they want.

Understanding these tactics is crucial to protecting our kids. By being aware of the signs, we can step in and stop harm before it’s too late. The Jan Broberg Foundation is doing vital work in this fight, helping raise awareness through education and supporting adult survivors in the Thrivivors online community.

Let’s come together to shield our children from the dangers of child sexual predator grooming, arming ourselves with knowledge and compassion. Learn about all six stages in our blog and sign up for newsletter updates.