Hey there Friends, Survivors, Advocates and Donors,

It’s time we had a heart to heart,💕 and talk about two things that so many of us carry so much shame around:

Trauma and Money.💸

I recently sat down with my friend Arci Grey on my podcast, (you can listen to that 2- part interview here) and we talked about one of the biggest things holding survivors back from getting the resources they need to heal; MONEY.

I want to share with you a few things I learned from Arci, that aren’t in the podcast:

1. You’re not alone;

  • As many as 93% of Survivors are effected financially as a direct result of sexual violence.
  • 73% of Survivors indicate significant financial problems.
  • More that half of Survivors surveyed said that Financial Insecurity is #1 reason they are not healing.

2. Survivors earn less money;

  • By the time a survivor is 35 years old she will already be about a quarter of a million dollars behind her peers! (And with the problem compounding – it’s unlikely she will catch up!)
  • Survivors are paid about 20-30% less for the same job than unaffected individuals. (On average that’s $6k-$10k annually.)
  • If you are Women, and a Survivor, we add to that the gender pay gap, brining the lifetime earnings to 50% less!

3. Survivors spend more money; (because, things cost more for survivors.)

  • Health care costs average about 16% higher for women who were sexually abused as children.
  • Rape will cost a survivors about $120k.
  • Survivors will pay an average of $250K more in interest over their lifetime, because of poor credit

This list is barely scratching the surface; we have yet to mention mental health costs, housing costs, childcare, and time cost, energy cost, and self worth cost. All of this adds up to OVER $1.3 Million to each individual survivor!🤯


“Financial insecurity is NOT a money management problem;
it’s an energy management problem.”
~Arci Grey

I asked Arci, who has gone from Survivor to CEO herself, how she did it, and instead of telling us, she promised to show us. Arci has offered to run a FREE Workshop called:

Trauma and Money: How trauma is keeping you stuck in Scarcity Mode, and How to Get your Money Back.

This will be LIVE on May 30th at 7pm EST.

(If you can’t make it live, please register to get the replay sent directly to your inbox.)

Arci holds nothing back and speaks very frankly *and boldly* about the true cost of trauma. She cuts through the red tape and is dedicated to speaking the truth about trauma and money. One thing I have learned about Arci is that she is results focused and leaves No Survivor Behind.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • EXACTLY how much money your trauma is costing you and where every penny is going
  • Practical Financial recovery techniques including getting ahead of debt and raising your credit score
  • The 5 stages of money, and the neuroscience behind them

If financial insecurity is preventing you or someone you know from healing, please join us and share this with someone you know that may be struggling to get ahead and to heal.

I hope to see you there,

💕 Jan

The Jan Broberg Foundation

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, The Jan Broberg Foundation has partnered with Survivor School™ and Arci Grey to bring actionable resources to the Thrivivors Membership Community. This workshop is just one of the many new workshops and programs we are bringing to the platform to help survivors heal their Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness. You can learn more about Survivor School™ here. You can sign up before we launch officially this summer to get VIP access and even become a beta tester for some cool new programs we are building!