Celebrating 50 years of “Little House”

Recently Jan was invited to attend and participate in the “Little House on the Prairie” 50th Anniversary and Cast Reunion in Simi Valley, California. It was a marvelous event and Jan was able to reminisce with cast members and fans alike about the huge impact the show had on her as a child, surviving abuse and multiple kidnappings.

The iconic show first aired in 1974, just a few months before Jan was abducted. Before and after her kidnappings, Jan and her sisters watched Little House on the Prairie together and she recalls how the characters, especially the Ingalls’ children, were an inspiration of resilience and strength and gave her hope through those dark times in her life. She was honored to be part of a special panel and told the reunion audience about Little House on the Prairie’s influence on her, how it helped save her and why it is so important for children to have strong role models and positive stories, particularly in times of trauma.


Workshops and Courses

Our fantastic online community, Thrivivors, is just finishing up a remarkable, life-changing 4 week workshop on learning how to love yourself.

And we are thrilled to announce and invite you to participate in our next incredible multi-week workshop starting next Thursday, April 4th.

It will be an opportunity for healing in new, fun, expressive and creative ways.

Check it out:

This interactive workshop series will introduce a new drama therapy intervention called Improvised Musical Drama Therapy (IMDT) and invites participants to explore personal stories through engaging in the method. The workshop will run online once a week for an hour and half and will meet every Thurs night from 7:30 pm EST to 9 pm EST for four sessions during the month of April.

The workshop will provide a short didactic introductory section at the beginning and then transition to an experiential format for the rest of the series. There will be time for everyone to participate and time to process and reflect on the experiences of each workshop participant. The workshop will use power point slides to provide prompts as participants are guided through the method and will invite participants to create poetry, short story forms and improvised singing to explore personal stories in a safe and supportive environment.


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